This one would be short but special as I got to enjoy this day like it should be and it definitely deserves a blog.

Today marked our family’s first traditional Thanksgiving feast and it was very special. But let me first talk about how this one was special to me in more than one ways. As a preschool teacher, thanksgiving started two weeks in advance. With the recurring thanksgiving celebration practice from last two weeks, the song “I am so glad I am not a turkey” was imprinted on my mind. It gave me a chance to sing the song with my son at home that always used to crack him up. I learnt about the story around thanksgiving celebration which I only knew till now in bits and pieces so that was another takeaway from this festival. Most importantly, it gave me an opportunity to be thankful to the one above and around us, for the good life she/he chose me for.

So when our very dear friends wanted us to join them and their wonderful family for a Thanksgiving feast, we said YES! It was casual, yet traditional. We prayed and thanked almighty before lunch. Had turkey for the very first time and loved it. And I cannot thank my friends more for giving us the best first turkey-eating experience. It was delicious! Mashed potatoes, stuffing of different kinds, dressing of different kinds, cranberry sauce, etc etc etc. We ate till we could eat no more, we chatted like there was no tomorrow, we laughed till it hurt our already full tummies, kids did what they do best-played like crazy and then it was time for dessert. And as I had already guessed after eating the main course, there were a number of options to satiate our sweet cravings too. I chose to go with pecan-pie as it had chocolate in it and then added a dollop of ice-cream for topping. Best food, best dessert and best company(friends like family) I have had in a long time.

I am one who enjoys different cultures and different traditions and have a husband who share the same ideology so, when an opportunity like this knocks our door we welcome it with an open heart. Happy Thanksgiving you all. Gobble Gobble!