The moment we switch to a new community or a new school or a new city we tend to find a known face or someone with whom you share a common interest or anyone whom you can simply say ‘Hello’ to. In my case it happened to be a new country after living for 32 years in India. Although it’s neither my first time in USA nor in the city Atlanta but it’s definitely my first time living in a home in USA. Some suggested Game of Thrones, some suggested Permanent Roommates, some also suggested Silicon valley and I would lie if I say I haven’t watched any of it. With TVFPlay and HBOGo I have managed to watch 2 complete seasons of Permanent Roommates and few episodes of Silicon Valley which I absolutely love for the sheer variety of characters and I think I am a little partial here as SV and I share common background – IT. But one thing that I have been meaning to do after reaching US was write and I was evading it for some very weird reason and was only juggling with ideas in my mind. But here I am finally giving life to my thoughts.

I have been to kid’s birthday party with my son, have been to hikes with my son and husband, have gone out for lunch with friends, have been to World of Coke museum, have been to our community pool, have watched the pitter patter drenching the lovely tennis courts right in front of our balcony, have had a wonderful Italian dinner and have made infinite trips to Krogers (now the lovely ladies at the check out counter are my friends) in the last few weeks of my stay in Atlanta and one more thing lots of cooking(for someone who almost never cooked back in India) – thing I used to dread the most after coming here as I don’t like to spend a lot of time in kitchen. Fact be told I learnt cooking so that I don’t die of hunger when there is no cook around which my husband patiently helped me with as my teacher when we were newly married.

So I have done all the aforementioned things but I still was missing my writing from a long time now. Having said that it’s difficult to extract time when you have a pre-schooler to look after but what you got to do you go to do. So here I am penning down my exact thoughts at this moment. A very wise man said this and I happened to read it on facebook “An illiterate is not a person who cannot read or write but a person who is not willing to learn new things and is not ready to unlearn other things that one can do away with”, something on similar lines. I don’t want to be an illiterate just because I have moved to a new country with a 360 degree shift in culture and lot of other things but I will be a literate one who is ready to learn new things while there is still time and hope. Signing off from Atlanta for today. Stay tuned.

Reposting article from /originally published on 07/12/2016