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2021 – The year that would be

My first blog of 2021 on the first day of 2021 is not purely incidental but very intentional. I have heard people say what you do on the first day of a new year tends to become the trend and... Continue Reading →

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Food Food and more Food during Quarantine – Day 55

Never thought I would cook in this life, let alone so much in a short span of time. Before I moved to the US I never cooked, well almost never. Pitched in here and there when my sister from another... Continue Reading →

Indian October, My Sweet November and American December!

Last quarter of the year for us goes from celebrating a bunch of Indian festivals, Diwali being the most prominent followed by my birthday which would be a big deal forever followed by the most wonderful time of the year... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving Feast!

This one would be short but special as I got to enjoy this day like it should be and it definitely deserves a blog. Today marked our family's first traditional Thanksgiving feast and it was very special. But let me... Continue Reading →

Stay at Home Moms, Wake Up for Real and Seize the Day

Long ago, I happened to encounter this status – ‘Carpe Diem’ on my friend’s girlfriend’s Facebook wall and I admit it unabashedly that at point of my life I didn’t have a clue about what it meant so I quickly... Continue Reading →

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