Last quarter of the year for us goes from celebrating a bunch of Indian festivals, Diwali being the most prominent followed by my birthday which would be a big deal forever followed by the most wonderful time of the year – yours truly Christmas! Today it felt like to write something about the most cherished quarter of my life.

October being all about buying new clothes, sweets, decorations and lights as Diwali being the most auspicious festival of Hindus. Better half of November goes in pondering and planning for my big day, looting dear husband’s hard earned money to spend on high fashion, attending Thanksgiving feast with the most generous friends and best hosts and then cracking some black-friday deals. December begins on exchanging gifts, decorating tree and more importantly becomes the month to reflect on what we have received all year and how we can give back. Giving back small or big remains the most important aspect of December and something my kindhearted child is slowly getting to understand.

This year was no different and I hope till my very last breath, this last quarter always gives our family, the same sense of joy, satisfaction and gratification. While October was about my sister visiting us to spend the festival of lights with us, November was about learning about the story of the pilgrims as a preschool teacher, December was or is definitely about giving – giving love, giving things to people who need it the most, giving thought to what I could do differently next year and what I would like to keep doing for as long as I am breathing.

A special mention about the lovely snow showers we witnessed in Atlanta. We didn’t have a white Christmas but a white pre-Christmas celebration worked for me just fine. Building snow-man, cherishing the look on our kid’s face throwing snow-balls at us and simply witnessing nature’s beauty in its most beautiful form was the cherry on top.  Lastly ‘writing’, one and only thing I would rather be doing if not spending time with family or close friends, also got the much needed attention that kept me hopeful and in right mind and continues to do so.

Amazing has been this quarter would be an understatement. Hectic, maddening, engaging but worth living every moment is what this last quarter was and is what I hope for years to come. Feliz Navidad, Feliz Navidad, Merry Christmas everyone Feliz Navidad and a Happy and Prosperous New Year!