Reposting article from originally published on 07/17/2016

A dear friend and an ex-colleague of mine who also happens to be in US at this time posted this on her facebook profile and I couldn’t agree more with her – “Be it in Swades (our country) or Videsh(foreign country) I simply love when it rains”. And the Rain Gods above are more than happy today as it has been showering non-stop here in Atlanta for more than two hours now and the weather is absolutely amazing. This is not my first Atlanta rain but its the longest one for sure. It has rained almost every single day of my stay here so far but those were miniature versions of what I am witnessing today. Today it’s majestic, never-ending and the best part it’s happening on a Saturday when I simply do almost next to nothing and just lounge around.

As I step out in my balcony I smell something delicious and happen to see our neighbours working on their grill, the US flag all soaked wet, moon playing hide and seek amongst the clouds, lovely tennis courts looking bluer than ever and the most satisfying and happiest moment ever- watching my son trying to catch rain drops.

This is priceless!

Now that it has stopped raining everything seems suddenly so quite. But it doesn’t remain that quite for long as my son gets busy with his cartoons with the dishwasher running in the background. This day couldn’t have been better so I wrapped it up with another episode of Silicon valley which was hilarious – a perfect ending to a perfect day!