5:55 am I get up, all excited and thrilled but not very fresh. I was on bed at 10 pm yesterday night but I couldn’t sleep before 1 am so four and a half hour of sleep didn’t put things much into perspective. But I was wide awake and ready to start the drill.

6:20 am I get dressed in gym-wear and 6:25 am I am out with a sipper full of water and a napkin to wipe off all the sweat that would be dripping after the arduous workout session.

6:27 am I get a text from my trainer “See you in a sec”. I reply “Be there in 2 mins”. I and my trainer live in the same community and meet at the community gym so it is a blessing in disguise for me.

6:32 am I am trying to figure out how to get in the gym as the leasing office is obviously not open yet. So, I call my trainer and she lets me in through a different door of which I obviously had no idea about. Errrrrrrrrrrrrr……….I am lying, I had some idea but never cared to go and look beyond that door as I always came in through the front door when the leasing office was open.

6:37 am I sit with my trainer as it is my first day so we don’t get straightaway to jumping up and down. She asks me about my injuries and medical conditions if I have any and once I started I never stopped or so I felt.

Biography (read excuses) of my injuries and medical condition at 33:

My left foot injury – My occasional blindness caused by excessive happiness about something back in college that I missed 2 whole steps.

My right shoulder injury – Well Hellooooooooooo…….I work with my right hand…Duh!!

My left wrist – stopped figuring out the why and when now.

My lower back – Thanks to epidural, period.

Four injuries for a person whose last 10 years were spent sitting on a revolving chair and staring at black and green mainframe screen – doesn’t sound much, right?? If one has spent time staring and trying to make things work on that black and green mainframe screen, you are lucky if your brain is still alive and is able to acknowledge things that are not black and green.

And now my medical condition that happens to be an inheritance: Low BP – Hey this one is no excuse. I am talking serious (I wish there was a way to write down the expression on my face right now)

Definitely not on the right side of 30 but I was on a mission with my trainer to make it to the right side or what!!!!

After listening to me patiently for eternity, my sweet trainer tells me about training plan and diet plan that she would later share with me.

So now it’s 6:50 pm, I start with warm up and doing a good job as per my trainer. Jumping-Jacks, one-leg balance, mild jogging, squats, chops. Then I go to get some water and BAM!

7:05 pm I think – I feel dizzy so I decide to sit for sometime. Next thing I know I want to lie down and just close my eyes. Trainer checks on me and my face is covered in sweat. Trainer grabs a wet napkin and wipes my face and is slowly rubbing my palms while I am still lying down with very hazy vision of Donald Trump on TV (he is everywhere these days). After about 10 mins I get up to sit.

Then comes the inevitable question from my trainer my guardian angel for the moment: WHAT DID YOU HAVE FOR BREAKFAST?

With a little shame, I tell her the truth: I HAD NOTHING. And then I wait to get scolded.

Trainer, instead of pulling me up with my ears (I would have done that to myself for making such a silly mistake) she tells me very calmly: NEVER WORK-OUT WITHOUT HAVING ANYTHING TO EAT FIRST. In order to burn energy, you need to first have some energy. I shook my head like a little child comprehending everything that she just told and promised myself in my head to NOT ACT SILLY WHEN IT COMES TO EXERCISING.

So, I did NOT survive my Day 1 in reality, but I have hopes from my Day 2. I am no fitness expert and like most of you trying to figure out what works for me to stay strong and in shape but a lesson learned for life. Eat, before you SW-eat.

7:30 pm and I am out of the gym after a heart to heart conversation with my trainer with another story to share with everyone.

Stay Tuned for more about this journey.