This was my third week into training and as the city got drenched with heavy rains, my son and I happened to get little wet too and the inevitable happened. He got sick followed by me falling into the trap of stuffy and runny nose. And all this happened a day before my training day so it only had to get worse from there. Forget about eating healthy, I was running on chicken soup and hot coffee while tending to my son. The little guy was clingy and bored as he had to skip school and spending a whole day with his mommy is not his cup of tea anymore. I couldn’t meet my friends and he couldn’t meet his, so picture two super-bored sick people, trying to engage each other, trapped in a house not by choice.

In between our sneezes and coughs and nose-wiping, I found time to get us both a bath and although it felt I couldn’t raise a finger, I knew my trainer would be there at gym at 7 pm for me. So instead of getting into my comfortable pajamas and a slouchy sweatshirt, I got into my gym-wear right after my bath to mentally prepare myself for the 7 pm drill. Post lunch, I took Tylenol as it helps me stay awake and my son took his nap. As much as my body and mind wanted to sleep, I stayed up by catching up on multiple episodes of ‘The People v. O.J.Simpson’ on Netflix.

Soon, it was 5:30 pm, and I prepped our dinner. By 6:30 pm I was happy to see a new face that of my husband and so was my son. As I was already in my gym-wear I thought to spice things up by doing a little make-up, pulling back my hair into a pony-tail and clipping my headband that keeps coming off once I start exercising rigorously. Now I am all set to hit the gym.

I check my phone one last time before leaving home and read a message from my trainer about her son who started throwing up and if she could postpone our routine for the next day. I obviously tell her to look after her son while contemplating to go or not to go. I hadn’t worn my shoes by then so I almost gave up in my mind. But then I sneezed and lots of stuff came out of my nose that no-one wants to read about. I tied my shoe-laces and left for gym. As soon as I stepped outside my home in clean, fresh and chilly air, I actually started feeling better and did an awesome workout for good 45 mins surrounded by four men who were doing their own thing, motivating me with their heavy weight-lifts and what not.

The more I sweat, the more my cold seemed to go away and not once did I sneeze or cough or anything disgusting came out of my nose for those 45 mins. I made a decision that didn’t backfire and I was on my way back home with a smile and much relief that I didn’t let my illness be an excuse for not doing what I have started loving now. As much painful those 30-45 mins are in there, I guess once we start looking at our fitness journey from a perspective where our goal is not just to fit into a dress but how it would impact us for the rest of our lives, all that pain is worth it. And for me, the day that was filled with boredom and sickness and tissues all around, ended with me spotting a shooting star while I was moon-gazing on my way back home.

Next day, my runny nose only got worse but I was in high spirits due to my achievement a day before. I was back in gym at 7 pm and my trainer had an agenda that had me doing weight-lifts, planks, walking planks, push-ups etc. And I am happy or what!!!!!!