I have been missing in action since last 3 months due to several reasons but I am back now. Better late than never right?? I have started working out again with my awesome trainer and couldn’t have felt better. I started my journey this time with a pound heavier than what I was 6 months ago and body fat and body muscle percentage also gone up and down respectively. That doesn’t deter me from reaching my goal. Nothing will, not this time baby. I am determined, I am disconnected from the useless activities and people and I am much more connected with myself.

Apart from my family and very close friends(read only three), the only things that make me truly happy and make me feel like me are writing, work-out, travelling and gardening. Oh and sorry shopping too, it would be a sin to not mention it in my happy place. So I have started writing and working-out, two very important things that were put down in the back-burner for last three months. And so today, when I was ready to hit the gym, I got to know about my trainer not feeling well. I did not use my trainer’s illness as an excuse to put my body in snooze mode, instead I went ahead with full force.

I was contemplating between gym or the Chattahoochee river trail and the trail won today. Much before I started working out with my trainer I always preferred the outdoor run over indoors so Chattahoochee it was today. It is humid in Atlanta with all the downpour that has been going on the whole of last week, but I would not have given up on this beautiful opportunity today. Hence I was on my way to the river trail that runs behind our apartments and it is breathtakingly beautiful and refreshing. So I begin.

No music, no headphones. Just my phone as I am an amateur photographer more like a mobile-grapher. The way to the trail starts amidst bushes with the insect chorus running in the background. I imagine crickets, frogs and all sorts of bugs that exist. I also fear snake as we have witnessed a small snake or two on previous occasions of our hiking on this trail. Thankfully I meet none today. I move on and I am on the concrete version of trail. I see no-one for some distance, then I start seeing people. I wish Good-Morning to few who are not trying to catch their breath like me and they do the same while I maintain my brisk walk. Then I reach one of my son’s favourite spot where he plays pretend-fishing.

Perfect spot to do my work-out with the perfect view. Since I follow my trainer on instagram and few other fitness experts I have enough ideas about how to rock an outdoor work-out with no equipment. I start with my routine and try to capture with my phone whatever I can. After 30 minutes of permutations and combinations of different forms, I am the one trying to catch my breath and sweaty and slimy. I cannot explain how much I love the sweat after my work-out. It is a proof of my hard work.

Once I have caught my breath, I slowly make it to the top and my heart just melts at this cute little dog who is just standing there looking at me with his puppy eyes. His owner tells me his name is Toby who totally made my day. I petted him for a while and then we both moved in opposite directions.I once again begin my brisk walk while hoping to get to the place where I love the most as its all about tranquility, lots of sunlight and fresh air to breathe. Before I make it to my most favourite spot, I make another stop in between where the water is flowing carelessly making beautiful sounds, the place is covered with some shiny stones in different colors and lots of bugs. Bugs don’t bug me that much when the place is this peaceful and beautiful.

After I have satisfied my quench for shiny stones, I move on to my favourite place on the entire trail. Few minutes into my brisk walk, I reach where I was targeting and make myself comfortable on the lovely benches. I am sweating as if someone poured a bucket full of water on me but I am not the one to complain. I continue to sit and just stare at everything and nothing and after I have spent good fifteen minutes doing absolutely nothing, I click few pics and take off.

This journey ahead would be twisted just like the road sign I saw on my way back but I am not looking back and going right towards my destination with full force. While you all out there figure out what works best for your body enjoy these pictures and videos from the jungle trail. Don’t Quit Now as my socks highly advocate.

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