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Indian October, My Sweet November and American December!

Last quarter of the year for us goes from celebrating a bunch of Indian festivals, Diwali being the most prominent followed by my birthday which would be a big deal forever followed by the most wonderful time of the year... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving Feast!

This one would be short but special as I got to enjoy this day like it should be and it definitely deserves a blog. Today marked our family's first traditional Thanksgiving feast and it was very special. But let me... Continue Reading →

Padharo Mhaare Desh – Sawai Madhopur/Ranthambore in words & photos

This blog is almost 3 years old but the memories of this beautiful journey remain etched in my heart forever. And so it deserves a re-post! I embarked on this journey after a long time post my baby and it... Continue Reading →

Working out amidst nature

I have been missing in action since last 3 months due to several reasons but I am back now. Better late than never right?? I have started working out again with my awesome trainer and couldn't have felt better. I... Continue Reading →

Stay at Home Moms, Wake Up for Real and Seize the Day

Long ago, I happened to encounter this status – ‘Carpe Diem’ on my friend’s girlfriend’s Facebook wall and I admit it unabashedly that at point of my life I didn’t have a clue about what it meant so I quickly... Continue Reading →

How I turned my illness into NOT an excuse to NOT hit the gym

This was my third week into training and as the city got drenched with heavy rains, my son and I happened to get little wet too and the inevitable happened. He got sick followed by me falling into the trap... Continue Reading →

Wren’s Nest: Unfolding History

A trip to the Wren's Nest in Atlanta was on my mind ever since I read about it in the book "Off the Beaten Path" by William Schemmel. And I was lucky to finally see and feel that place. The... Continue Reading →

How I survived Day 1 of my official Fitness journey

5:55 am I get up, all excited and thrilled but not very fresh. I was on bed at 10 pm yesterday night but I couldn’t sleep before 1 am so four and a half hour of sleep didn’t put things... Continue Reading →

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